6 Best Tips to Get House and Office Cleaning Contracts

office cleaning contracts

6 Best Tips to Get House and Office Cleaning Contracts

Do you want to make your house and office cleaning business successful?

Yes! The secret behind any successful cleaning business is getting regular cleaning contracts.

But getting a cleaning contract is become a bit competitive task, because of the increase in numbers of cleaning companies in the USA.

Today’s business world requires a blend of online marketing and traditional methods to make your cleaning services stand out.

The days are gone when cleaning business owners used to get cleaning contracts just flyers and passing out business cards.

Now, these days if you want a house and office cleaning contract.

You must use a systematic way that combines traditional strategies like networking, referrals and public relations and online marketing.

It can be a challenging prospect, however, the result is that you will seize chances to develop your business by drawing and retaining more customers.

Today in this article I will explain you the best strategies and techniques to get house and office cleaning contract.

So before we proceed first, you need to, identify your target market.

For Example: - if you need to focus on small companies, it looks bad to design advertising endeavors for substantial office offices.

Inspect your current client and focus on the most beneficial records and on clients who give referrals or generally indicate they are happy with your execution.

In the event that you are simply beginning, converse with other cleaning services and to business that fit your objective market profile. You need to realize what these clients need.

This information will help your marketing plan. Formulate a reliable pricing approach and figure out what services to offer in standard contract packages.

Let See the Strategies and Techniques Ways to Get a House and Office Cleaning Contract

How to Improve Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

  1. 1. Enhance Your Cleaning Services
  2. 2. Build a Compelling Company’s Profile
  3. 3. Online Presence
  4. 4. Use direct mail to get cleaning contracts
  5. 5. Networking
  6. 6. Referrals

1. Enhance Your Cleaning Services

There are lots of residential and commercial cleaning companies out there, the main thing that will make your company stand out is the quality of your service.

In this way, the primary thing that is required of you to do, if you like to keep on securing cleaning contracts is to sit back and work to improve your cleaning service.

The best rule is to analyze what your competitors are doing well and after that try and beat them.

Clients will just pay you for your services if they realize that they will get a quality service for their cash and it is your duty to prove it to them.

2. Build a Compelling Company’s Profile

Another thing you can do in if you like to keep on getting cleaning contracts for your business cleaning business is to make a convincing business profile.

Actually, when you bid for a house and office cleaning contract from any association.

The principal screening process you will be subjected to is the screening procedure of the profile of the considerable number of companies that may have bided for the cleaning job.

So, you will be required to pay a specialist to help you to make a convincing profile for your house and office cleaning business.

Apart from your qualification and the capabilities of your cleaning staffs.

You are required to add the list of companies you are presently working for and the one you have worked for in time past and furthermore.

3. Online Presence

How to Improve Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Clients looking for cleaning services often turn to the internet to search the cleaning service providers.

So making an online presence important for your house and office cleaning company.

The fact says your client makes 57 % of their decision based on what they see online before ever talking to you.

This makes sense that having a good website is very important for getting cleaning contracts. 

Having a website of your cleaning company will enable you to provide detailed information about your cleaning company.

For Example, the verity of your service, the area of town that you serve, frequently asked questions page that provides quick answers to common inquiries and the type of house and office cleaning contracts you are seeking.

You can use social media sites such as Facebook to reach out to potential customers by informational articles, promotional videos and news about your services.

4. Networking

Networking is very important part of your overall strategy for obtaining house and office cleaning contracts for your cleaning company.

It is one of the best ways to let your cleaning company well known throughout your local community.

The one thing you have to keep in your mind, that networking generally doesn't provide results instantly.

Networking is all about building connections, and it takes time to develop them.

However, it is very helpful for getting trust and popularity of your cleaning business, which is very important for getting cleaning contracts.

5. Use Direct Mail To Get Cleaning Contracts

How to Improve Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Direct mail letter or postcard is also a good idea to get cleaning contracts.

Here, you can send your interest to businesses in a particularly focused on the territory.

Frequently it is a smart thought to offer a discount offer or a coupon with your direct mail.

A coupon with an expiration date will entice potential customers to put in a request for your cleaning service instantly as they don't need the offer to lapse.

When they have requested the first cleaning service, you can discuss with clients for cleaning contract for the longer term.

6. Referrals

How to Improve Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

One of the best ways to get popular and cleaning contracts is the referral. Whenever you want any recommendation, you normally take the help colleague or a friend.

This is the same with cleaning business service. With this, make sure that you provide an excellent cleaning service with regards to for your present clients with the expectation that they will recommend you to others.


Since there are numerous ways you can try to get house and office cleaning contracts.

You should be dependent only on a single way to get cleaning contracts. So it is important that you can use a combination of different options.

Then only you can be assured of getting regular house and office cleaning contracts.

However getting cleaning contracts is not enough to become a successful cleaning business. You need to prove yourself with a high-quality cleaning service.

This will help you to earn the trust of clients and your cleaning business to grow.

“What Are The Above Technique You Use To Get Cleaning Contracts? Let Me Know In The Comment Below.”