Virones East Africa

Virones East Africa was established in 2011 and has traded as agent for Alconox Inc. of USA. We sell cleaning detergents to Hotels, Restaurants, Laboratories and fast Food chains. We have a business opportunities in Commercial Cleaning, and a number of our customers have requested for us to provide total…

Telephone : (254)712-8172

Cell Phone :(254)732-7152

Toll Free :()-

FAX : ()-

Email :

UPCA Member Since : 05 August 2015

Liability Insurance : Yes

Workers Compensation Insurance :Yes

Employee Bonding :Yes

Years in Business :4

Type of Business :Non-Franchise

References Available Upon Request :No

Our originally designed bid generation system, PRO-BID , will easily generate a professional looking bid that you can customize, edit and print. You will receive free access to PRO-BID , as well as our original Residential Cleaning Calculator and our Commercial Cleaning Calculator.