7 Best Tips To Grow Your Office Cleaning Company

Office Cleaning Company

7 Best Tips To Grow Your Office Cleaning Company

As an office cleaning company owner you might be constantly looking for ways to get more clients, increase your employee’s productivity and thus your company’s overall success.

With low-cost entry, the office cleaning industry is a very lucrative endeavor for many entrepreneurs.

Although an office cleaning company is recession-proof, one has to constantly improve and grow in order to survive in this competitive business.

Along with providing great service and quality work you need to find a place in the market and build your company’s reputation if you want to grow your office cleaning company.

You might need to do little research to get the fresh ideas which you would not have thought of.

Some ideas may work and the others may need some tweaking before you can implement it in your business.

Whether you’re thinking of starting a new office cleaning company or want to grow your existing company, we have listed some tips which are recommended by top industry experts and mark

Let's Know About The Tips Which Will Help You To Grow Your Office Cleaning Company:

If you want to lead the pack and be ahead of the game, have a look at the following tips which will help you to grow your office cleaning company successfully:

  1. 1. Network Like A Pro
  2. 2. Be Active In Your Community
  3. 3. Partner With Related Businesses
  4. 4. Advertise Smartly
  5. 5. Word Of Mouth
  6. 6. Be Different
  7. 7. Ensure Top Level Security

1. Network Like A Pro

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Whether you are dealing with a client or your supplier, the majority of your day involves among people. Therefore, it’s important to have a good network in an office cleaning business.

Even if you think some certain people would not become your potential customer, then also it’s important to leave a good impression. They can help you in getting some referral customers.

Here are some of the places where you can go and try to network as much as possible because it may help to grow your business:

i. Trade Shows – Trade shows are a great place where you can meet both your potential clients and business owners.

You can rent a booth for such shows and display your office cleaning product and services. Try to catch the attention of people in those places by organizing some contents or distributing free office cleaning products.

ii. Business Events – Business events are a place where you can get many business opportunities. Here you can meet with your competitors in your business and can learn insights from them. Attending such events you would help you network with similar people with a similar mindset like yours.

2. Be Active In Your Community

how to start a cleaning business, registration process

Most office cleaning business owners do not like to be active or participate in the community events. But, they might be losing on many business opportunities out here.

Being active in the community events are a great way to build your brand recognition as well as it helps to get much-needed sponsorship for your cleaning business.

It’s true that you might be able to interact with all the people of your community but if you are able to attract right people at the right time, then it can help you to boost your office cleaning business.

You can also include special discount offers for your community which would help you to get local clients from your existing community members.

Show your community spirit by organizing local events, festivals, and fairs to market your business to build your brand among your community.

3. Partner With Related Businesses

how to start a cleaning business, registration process

Building successful business relationships with other cleaning service providers would help you to get a mutually beneficial business relationship.

For Example - If you partner with a window cleaning company then it can refer you their clients and you can also do the same for them.

Some of the other businesses you can partner with is carpet cleaning company, office supplies business.

Besides getting referrals, it will also increase your brand reputation to your customers. The partner companies would also decrease your marketing budget.

The only thing you need to worry about your quality of work and your relationship with your customers.

4. Advertise Smartly

how to start a cleaning business, registration process

If you have started a new office cleaning company, then it might be difficult for you to get new clients. The best thing to do when your business is young is to advertise as much as possible.

Advertisements will help you to reach out to your potential customers and also will build your brand.

It is not only helpful to new businesses but established companies should also advertise regularly in order to maintain its credibility.

You must advertise smartly rather than just spending money on unnecessary stuff.

First of all, you need to figure out who are your potential customers and where they hang out regularly. Then, develop a marketing plan according to your requirements and advertise in those places.

Some of the other advertisement and marketing strategies to include are:

5. Word Of Mouth

how to start a cleaning business, registration process

The cheapest method to advertise is when someone else does it for you. It is not as difficult as you think, the only thing you need to worry about is to provide quality work and make your customers happy.

The trick is to get people talking about your business. Even after completing the work you need to go beyond and connect with your clients.

Remember their birthdays and send them wishes or you make a small gesture of appreciation in the holidays.

These little things would make you stand apart from your competitors and increase your chances of business owners mentioning it to the members of their community and groups.

Also, remember that word of mouth can also have a negative impact on your office cleaning company. If your service or your customer management is poor then your customers would spread negative opinion about your company.

6. Be Different

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In the crowded market of office cleaning business, it’s important to differentiate yourself from the rest. The customers or clients want to know what your company can do for them that other cleaning company can’t.

Start assessing your competitors and find out that what services they provide and what you can learn from them.

Use various tools, read reviews about your competitors and also get word of mouth of what the market is saying about your competitors.

After assessing your competitors make a list of services which you think they are not providing. Research about how you can improve your service to be ahead of your competitors.

Another way to differentiate yourself from the rest is by building a more intimate relationship with your clients.

You can start a blog and or send newsletters to your clients, introduce to your team members. This way the customer would know who they are dealing with.

7. Ensure Top Level Security

how to start a cleaning business, registration process

The nature of office cleaning business is to work in the unsupervised offices of others.

Hence, it is important that your customers feel safe and are not disturbed while your team works there.

Get background checks of each of your employees and let your customer know about it.

You can also give a personal guarantee in writing that security of the office would not be breached.

Let your customer feel completely at ease and try to make them comfortable as you can.

If you customer would not be disturbed and feel the sense of security of their office, then they would definitely spread a word of mouth for your company.


If you have an office cleaning company or wanting to start one, they always have a goal in mind. Don’t lose its sight after a few months or years.

So as you think of growing your office cleaning company, step back and think what your dream company would look like and what steps you need to take to reach there.

Don’t worry about your competition much because if you are doing your best you could, then the competitors don’t matter much.

Always remember that office cleaning is a quality-based business and your customer’s satisfaction should be your first priority.

If I have to sum up in brief, then you have to provide quality work and market your office cleaning company as much as you could.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips rigorously, then you would be able to grow your office cleaning company and make it a successful venture.

If you have any other tips which you are using in order to grow your office cleaning company, then do let us know in the comment section.