How to Improve Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

How to Improve Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial carpet cleaning services industry rapidly increases over the past few years.

This would be the main reason you might enter in this carpet cleaning industry or else this industry requires less budget and experience.

But starting a carpet cleaning business is not enough, there are lots of entrepreneurs who came to this industry but still suffering to make money.

Now the question is why many cleaning companies are not able to make the profit?

There can lot of reasons behind it but is the one of the biggest reason is customer’s dissatisfaction.

So if you are new in this industry, you need to rectify the mistakes, which you are doing while cleaning a carpet. And learn the professional techniques of cleaning a carpet.

This will help you to earn your customer trust and to grow your carpet cleaning business.

In this article, I will explain you the common mistakes in commercial carpet cleaning services and will give you professional carpet cleaning tips.

So that you can provide high-quality commercial carpet cleaning services to your customers.

Let’s start with the common mistakes a cleaning company do while cleaning a carpet.

#1 Over-Shampooing

Over-shampooing occurs when either too much shampoo is used or the carpet is not well rinsed.

Excess shampoo will leave greater debris on the carpet, allowing dust to stick to the dried debris and making carpets look dirty again.

So it is necessary to see the list of ingredients in the shampoo container before cleaning. Stir the cleaning shampoo as per the directions.

While cleaning the carpet make sure you use a good quality cleaning solutions.

#2 Over-Wetting

In starting of cleaning business carpet over wetting is the most common mistake a cleaning staffs do.

This usually happens when you use machinery which is less sophisticated and powerful or you have untrained cleaning staffs.

Over-wetting happens when extra water absorbs under the carpet.

As a result, some backing elements make the carpet discolor, bad order etc. if the carpet becomes too wet.

#3 No Quality Standard

Carpets are widely used by foots, wheels and so many other things.

Cleaning a carpet is bit challenging work, it requires lots of physical effort and techniques.

Many of the company do not prefer to make any quality standard of their service. This will cause a poor carpet cleaning service.

List of Tips Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services to A Become Professional Cleaner

To become a professional level carpet cleaner, you need to keep the following things in your mind.

These tips will help you to provide superior quality cleaning service.

How to Improve Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services


  1. 1.Know The Difference Between Stains And Spots
  2. 2.Pre-Spray Carpet Cleaning Solutions To Clean Spots
  3. 3.Carpet Cleaning Staff Training
  4. 4.Use Professional Cleaning Equipment
  5. 5.Use Quality Cleaning Product
  6. 6.Make Quality Standard

1. Know The Difference Between Stains And Spots

Being a carpet cleaner you should clearly understand the difference between spot & stain, this will help you to take proper action to ride over this problem.

If something is dropped or spilled on the carpet then it will create a spot.

This kind of things does not permanently bond to the carpet fibers or damage to the fibers.

Proper cleaning steps can completely remove the substance from the carpet.

If something is dropped or spilled on the carpet which can permanently damage the carpet fiber are called stains.


2. Pre-Spray Carpet Cleaning Solutions To Clean Spots

How to Improve Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Poorly done, carpet cleaning chemicals can leave behind sticky deposits that actually attract more dust, leaving carpets dirty over time.

Usually, only properly diluted solutions that cut down oily, sticky dust spots and rinse clean from the carpet should be used for spotting.


3. Carpet Cleaning Staff Training

The most common mistake which a carpet company does while cleaning a carpet is over shampooing and over-wetting.

This happens because your cleaning staffs don’t have proper idea, how much quality of cleaning agent and water they should use to clean a carpet.

You need to understand carpet cleaning is not an easy job, you cannot trust any untrained staff to clean a carpet without any training.

As because cleaning a carpet requires techniques as well as professional machines.

So it is important for you to delicately train your cleaning staff to clean carpet well.

Read the article: - Importance of Cleaning Staff Training for all cleaning business.

This article will help you to understand the benefits of cleaning staff training for cleaning business.


4. Use Professional Carpet Cleaning Equipment

How to Improve Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Many cleaning companies avoid making a good investment in professional cleaning equipment.

With a thought of all cleaning machine are same and they can clean any average functionality cleaning machine.

If talking about carpet cleaning machine, it improves the cleanliness of office & house and by ensuring that carpets are free dust and debris.

They can be used in a range of conditions to enhance and keep hygiene, sanitary levels appearance.

Choosing a professional carpet cleaning machine is very important for you.

As a cleaning business owner, you clearly understand that carpet cleaning is totally dependent on machines.

So if you don’t have good capacity carpet cleaning machine you will hardly be able to provide professional cleaning service to customers.

Even you have well-trained carpet cleaning employees.

Read the detailed idea about the use of carpet cleaning equipment and their maintenance.

This will help to do regular maintenance of your carpet cleaning machines which will keep your carpet cleaning machines functional.


5. Use Quality Cleaning Product

How to Improve Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services products

Carpet floors are completely different from other kinds of floors.

So you can’t use the same cleaning product which you use to clean a tiles floor.

Even are the verity of carpet cleaning supplies available on the market.

But it is up to you, which cleaning product you use for cleaning the carpet of your customers.

To get a well clean carpet you need to choose high-quality cleaning product because these products will not discolor carpet and also maintain the hygiene.

There are some clients who believe in natural cleaning service, so you can use only eco-friendly cleaning products for the cleaning of your client’s carpet.

If you are using the good quality cleaning product to clean a carpet, it will reduce your effort and help you to provide professional cleaning service.


6. Make Quality Standard

The secret behind any successful cleaning business is customer satisfaction.

This can be only possible if you provide quality service, for this, you can use the best cleaning products, professional carpet cleaning machines, Trained and experienced employees etc.

You need to understand how a professional carpet cleaning company do their work and what your customer wants from you.

You can also make a team who will personally visit the work site to ensure that your cleaning staffs are doing an excellent job.



Commercial carpet cleaning services businesses are one of the fastest growing industries in the USA.

There are numbers of entrepreneurs who are making lots of money by only providing only carpet cleaning services.

They are very successful because of the reason they truly believe in customer satisfaction and consistently improving their commercial carpet cleaning services.

Try to keep the above commercial carpet cleaning services tips to your business. These tips will definitely help your cleaning business grow.

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