How to Successfully Start a Window Cleaning Business

Window Cleaning Business

How to Successfully Start a Window Cleaning Business

Do you want to be your own boss?

Then, starting a window cleaning business can be the best option for you. It is a simple venture which requires a minimal start-up cost and has a huge earning potential.

A window cleaning business cleans the commercial, institutional and residential windows as per assignment basis.

As the owner of the window cleaning business, your job is to recruit professional cleaning staff and also to wash windows one at a time or on the contractual basis.

You can start a window cleaning business alone or buy a franchise with existing experience and support.

Is Window Cleaning Business For You?

Most people do not want to work in a window cleaning business because they have to work regularly at heights.

But the present window cleaning technology allows them to operate from the safety of the grounds. There are various lightweight poles with a brush at its end to clean the windows while you can use a jet to rinse the glasses.

Hence, you can also start a window cleaning business even if you are terrified of heights. As the windows will always need someone to clean, the market will remain there for a long time now.

In this guide, we will let you know everything you need to know to start a window cleaning business from equipment, to training and insurance.

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    Window Cleaning Training

    How to Market Your Window Cleaning Business

    Window Cleaning Insurance

Starting a Window Cleaning Business

If you want to start a window cleaning business, then you can start with very little money. But by starting small you would limit yourself to where you can take your business in future.

Your business could start with as little as $500 including all the cleaning equipment and paperwork.

But, you should have a proper business plan which will help you to nail down the specifics of what you want to do with your window cleaning business.

You need to think about how you can grow your business, who are your competitors, the size of the market and the legal structure of your business.

Equipment Needed For Window Cleaning

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Some of the traditional window cleaning kits are – Buckets, Sponges, Scrapers, and Blades.

But for the domestic and residential cleaning, you can also use following equipment:

    A water fed pole and filtration system.

    Water purifier.

    Vehicle to transport equipment.

You can also use the above cleaning kit for commercial cleaning purposes also. If you have a cleaning company you would have a mixed client-base comprising both the commercial and domestic contracts.

However, if you have larger commercial clients, then you would probably need little extra cleaning equipment which consists of:


    Cherry pickers.

    Abseiling equipment for trained professionals

Window Cleaning Training

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Window Cleaning is safer than the other cleaning business but still, it is vital to give your cleaners a proper training for maximum productivity.

As a window cleaning business owner you need to revise all the laws and safety regulation.

You need to research the various training and qualification which a window cleaner should possess. The course can be both for you and your employee.

Training your staff is as important as buying the necessary equipment because if you are able to provide quality work, then the reputation of your company would increase significantly.

How to Market Your Window Cleaning Business

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You have to definitely up your game when it comes to marketing your cleaning business. Window Cleaning is a competitive business, hence you need to stand out from the rest if you want to grow your business.

Your marketing efforts will determine the rate at which your business will grow and how much you can potentially earn from it.

The marketing strategy should have a unique selling point. For example- are you going to provide cheap cleaning service than your competitors or you can base your business on providing quality work?

There are various things which you should consider while marketing your business:

    Your logo – Have a creative logo and brand name which is easy to remember.

    Website – The user interface of the website should be easy to use.

    Online Marketing – As most businesses are going online, you need to focus on various online marketing strategies like PPC and social media marketing to get the most out of the internet.

    Listing Your Business – You can list your website on the popular listing website to get more clients like,, etc.

    Traditional Marketing – You can also use the traditional methods of marketing like providing business cards, door to door marketing, etc.

Some other ways to increase your brand recognition is by setting up billboards, putting a logo on t-shirts, etc.

Window Cleaning Insurance

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Whether you use the traditional methods to clean windows or use the latest equipment and methods, accidents may happen. Hence, if you are thinking about starting a window cleaning business then you should probably get business insurance first.

Having a good insurance will give you a peace of mind and it will also help you to increase your brand awareness.

Your clients will be able to trust you and if any accident happens, they would not have to worry about much.

Some of the important insurance which you should get is:

    Public liability insurance – It protects your clients if any damage happens to their property while cleaning.

    Employer’s liability insurance – If you have a staff under your business, then it’s important to get this insurance or you may get fined.

    Business equipment insurance – This is very helpful if your equipment gets stolen or damaged.

    Personal accident insurance – This cover pays if there is any accidental injury or death.


Starting a window cleaning business will require your time and dedication but the opportunity being your own boss can be very rewarding.

You should do all your research and create a proper business plan to grow your business further.

Window cleaning is the easiest business to start and operate with and the prospect income also looks quite promising.

All you need is patience, passion and hard work and a certain level of self-discipline to run a successful window cleaning business.

Do you want to start your own window cleaning business? Let us know in the comments section below.