This calculator was professionally designed to meet the needs of all commercial cleaning companies regardless of their clientele, location or preferred rate. Enter your prospective client's information below:

Overhead Rate:

Select the overhead rate that best reflects the type of clientele you service. This should be used consistently for your business. However, it can be raised if you are not in need of new clients, or lowered if you really want the job. The overhead rate includes the costs to conduct business such as insurance, payroll, cleaning supplies, etc.

  • Cut-Rate = 20%
  • Low-Cost = 40%
  • Moderate = 60%
  • Upscale = 80%

Profit Margin:

Select the appropriate Profit Margin you wish to take from this job. In selecting a profit margin, take into account all factors you think are relevant, such as:

  • Project complexity
  • House size type
  • Client
  • Competitive Environment
  • Importance of this job
  • Impact on future work (if any)

There is nothing to prevent you from foregoing profit completely if you think it is necessary to win the job, or if the job is so important to your company’s future. Likewise, you may set your fee as high as you think you can while still remaining competitive, if the market or the request for cleaning criteria allow this freedom.

You may want to see the impact of several different Overhead and Profit Margin rates before giving a final quote.

* If you select the Daily rate, price calculated above is for the entire week, not per cleaning. The estimate is given above with a high end and a low end because it is extremely impossible to give an exact quote for cleaning a residence over the phone without actually seeing the property.
We recommend you give your prospective clients a “ball park” or range of estimates with the explanation that most of the time, your price will fall within these ranges however, they may be higher or lower based on the condition of the property.
Our originally designed bid generation system, PRO-BID, will easily generate a professional looking bid that you can customize, edit and print. You will receive free access to PRO-BID, as well as our original Residential Cleaning Calculator and our Commercial Cleaning Calculator.